Hear personal stories from our happy patients

Saint Camillus has been a godsend to me. I have had health problems all my life, I go to the doctor a lot. All the staff has been wonderful to me. They always listen when I'm worried about my health, and always fix the problems.


"I love Saint Camillus Staff!" They are always friendly and caring when you need it the most. We always feel very welcome and comfortable in their family friendly Christian office.


Jessica B is an amazing CMA and the other lady (didn't catch her name) was also an awesome CMA! I was in and out in about 30 minutes.

Cindy S.

Quick in and out even with being a new patient and the covid protocols.

Ryan S.

Very nice staff. Everyone was very friendly. Wait time was not long at all. I've been there a couple of times and will go back.

Becky C.

Love this place . Very caring and kind people who work here

Lesia S.

Great service! Friendly staff! They were pretty busy the day I went, so I had to wait a while to be seen. I won't complain since I couldn't get in to see my family doctor at all! Will definitely go there again if I need medical attention. Only cost me a $25 copay. Well worth it!

Shawna B.

Have taken my children there before they were able to get a regular doctor.I have gotten a wide variety of medical treatment and resources,samples of medication,treatment of minor illness without the long waiting.

Lynette Z.

Inexpensive, fast, and they will work with you on what medicine you can afford. I couldn't afford the $60 meds they wanted me on, so they suggested I try a $4 walmart version. They have been a life saver every cold season for me!
Thank you and all the staff!

Amy D.

Wonderful Staff. I was in and out. Treated my illness and was concerned for it more the my own doctor. True tender hearted humans. I am considering making this my family care center.
Thank all of you

Sue S.

They have always been so friendly and seen us in a timely manner. I have never felt rushed and always feel like they took the time to hear what I was saying rather than rushing me out to see another patient.

Elizabeth H.

Great experience, the nurse practitioner we spoke with was very knowledgeable, we were in and out quickly. Highly recommend.

Andrew L.

Very SWEET staff, the nurses and doctors they're truly go out of there way to make you feel like family. I took my daughter there when she had a cold and they brought her a popsicle,and a water. If you go to any clinic in henderson go here or to the one where the food stamp office used to be.

Candice M.

Was in and out. Very kind and Respectful of you. Kind and very Nice don't leave you waiting a long time. Either be in Lobby or Exam Room. Much Recommendations for this Urgent Clinic

Lydia V.

First experience there was great. Staff was friendly got in and out in no time. Had been to another clinic been on meds for a week and still not much better.

lisa P.

As a small business owner myself, I can really appreciate the approach that Dr. Al and his Staff have taken. They beat their competition to a pulp in all the critical areas of customer service. They're less expensive; they see their patients quicker than their competitors, and they create an atmosphere that leads you to believe that you're important. But here's what really takes it over the top. When I talk to people about computers, I try to speak a language that they can understand. Dr. Al will sit down at eye level to me and explain things in a language I clearly understand. No one there gives you the "mightier than thou" feeling that you would typically expect from physicians. They also remember your name, which is pretty cool, that makes you feel like you're more than just "next".

David F.

I am currently a patient of Saint Camillus Urgent Care. The staff is very courteous, compassionate and very professional. When you are there they treat you like you are their favorite patient and treat everyone the same. The APRN gives you excellent care. They put your mind at ease by explaining your treatment, test and any medication you may need. No where else could you go to the doctor on your lunch break without having to sit for over an hour, but not at Saint Camillus. I tell everyone I meet to go there and when they did, they felt the same as I do. They can't believe the treatment they get and it didn't take hours to receive treatment. I promise there is no other urgent care/family practice anywhere that I know of that you can get this type of treatment.

I thank God for the blessings that myself, my family, my friends and my coworkers have received from Saint Camillus Urgent Care.